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Monday, May 29, 2006

John Robert Powers Philippines

I would say this program is a must for foreigners who have Filipina girlfriends or are wanting to marry Filipinas. Let's face it, majority of the population does not know how to speak clear and eloquent english. They may be able to understand you, but to be able to effortlessly communicate with you, that may take a gargantuan task for most locals. They do have the basic english, but fluency and poise is definitely lacking.

If you want to polish her up prior to that big day at the embassy, i suggest you ask her to enroll at John Robert Powers school in Manila. They have two branches, one in Makati and one in Quezon City. These are both located in Metro Manila only.

Here are their phone numbers:

Makati - 892-9511
Quezon City - 927-0465

I highly recommend this for everybody.

School Uniforms for Your Kids in the Philippines

While browsing thru today's paper, i noticed one ad which is by far not your usual newspaper ad. It's an ad for school uniforms, and it made me wonder how even some school wear manufacturers are now placing ads and showing off their website. I figured it might be able to help those foreigners or overseas workers whose kids are now studying here in the Philippine.

You may check out their website at

Boracay Flight via Seair

Do you know that Seair offers the fastest flights to Boracay in 35 minutes. Flying gets you to the beach faster with less stress than driving for hours. So you get to arrive fresh and relaxed.

Here are the popular beach destinations and their relative drive time from metro manila.

Batangas = 3 hours or more
Cavite = 2 hours
La Union = 5 hours
Pagudpod = 10 hours
Sorsogon = 10 hours
Subic = 3 hours

Hands down, travelling to Boracay via Seair beats them all. In practically an hour, you'll be swimming your heart out on the white sand beaches of Boracay.

You may call Seair at 849-0100 or check their website at

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Direct Link Car Insurance

If you ever need to have your car insured here in the Philippines, there's a company offering it at six months to pay. The company is Direct Link Car Insurance, and they offer it at absolutely no interest with 24/7 roadside assistance. I think that's a great buy. Imagine having your car insurance on installment for six months. Not bad.

Check them out at telephone numbers 88-725-88. I've heard of them before, and I've been ever curious of their aggressive marketing strategies. Maybe someday, I'll use their service too. Hope they're not just all hype though!!

12 Year Old Philippine Chess Team Member

Believe it or not! The Philippines has a 12 year old prodigy currently playing in the World Chess Olympiad. His name is Wesley So, and already a GrandMaster.

How i wish i could have even been a part of the National team in any sport whatsoever. I'd be glad to just even have a Philippine Team uniform. But this young boy astounds me. He's doing well in the competition, and have yet to lose a match. I just hope he does very well in this meet. I dont think the Philippines will win it though, but am hoping this young kid gets a big break. Who knows, he could be the next Kasparov!

Hotels in Davao City, Philippines

1. Apo View Hotel
J. Camus Street, davao City
Tel. Nos. 221-6430 to 40

2. Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao
Lanang, Davao City
Tel. Nos. (082) 234-3050

3. The Royal Mandaya Hotel
J. palma Gil Street, Davao City
Tel. Nos. (082) 225-8888

4. The Marco Polo - Davao
CM Recto Street, Davao City
Tel. Nos. (082) 221-0888

5. Casa Leticia
J. Camus Street, Davao City
Tel. Nos. (082) 224-0501

6. Grand Regal Hotel Davao
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Lanang, Davao City
Tel. Nos. (082) 235-0888

7. Crown Regency Residences Davao
Agdao, Davao City
Tel. Nos. (082) 225-8188

Hotels in Palawan, Philippines

1. The Legend Palawan
Malvar Street, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Tel. Nos. (048) 433-9076 up t0 80

Hotels in Metro Manila, Philippines

I figured it will be useful for people wanting to take a vacation here in the Philippines if i list down the hotels per location. So I'll try to list down as much as i can per area.

Metro Manila Hotels

1. Shangri-la Hotel Makati
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati
Tel. Nos. 813-8888, Fax: 813-5499

2. Edsa Shangri-la Hotel (Ortigas Area)
Gardenway, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Tel. Nos. 633-8888, Fax: 631-1067

3. Dusit Hotel Nikko
Ayala Center, 1223 Makati City, Philippines
Tel. Nos. 867-3333

4. Inter-Continental Manila
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Tel. Nos. 815-9711, Fax: 817-1330

5. Mandarin Oriental Manila
Corner Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue, Makati City
Tel. Nos. 750-8888, Fax: 817-2472

6. The Peninsula Manila
Corner Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue, Makati City
Tel. Nos. 750-8888, Fax: 817-2472

7. Diamond Hotel Philippines
Roxas Boulevard, Ermita Manila
Tel. Nos. 528-3000

8. Hyatt Regency Manila
Roxas Boulevard, Ermita Manila
Tel. Nos. 833-1234

9. The heritage Hotel
Roxas Boulevard corner EDSA
Tel. Nos. 854-8888

10. Oakwood Premier
Ayala Center, Makati
Tel. Nos. 729-8888

Philippines Birth Certificate Online

I just discovered this today -

Well, the great thing about it is that you can request for a copy of your birth certificate online and have it delivered right in your doorstep whether in the Philippines or outside the Philippines. Isn't that simply awesome! Most especially that it is a service from the government, and we all know how backward government service in this country is.

However, for those people born before 1945, I think they no longer have a copy on file. But they will be willing to give you a certification (just read their FAQ's). The cost for this service is reasonable though, P300 (or around $6.00) for local deliveries, and $20.00 for shipments outside the Philippines. Though it will take longer for outside delivery - around 2-3 weeks since they will be using Philippine Post for this. If you do wish to have it sent via Fedex, it is possible but they will charge an additional fee. Believe me, that is way better that having to wait 2-3 weeks for something as vital as that piece of paper. People here dont even trust the Post Office for important papers that are to be sent out.

So if you do need birth certificates for marriage or whatever purposes, here is your sure way to get a copy even if you're outside the Philippines. You may log on the site yourself, or you can ask your relatives, friends or girlfriends in the Philippines to log in and fill out the details online. They can pay either thru local bank deposits or credit card, but if you use your credit card, charges willl be in dollars.

Hope this site helps those who wants to marry their boyfriends and girlfriends in the Philippines, or you need birth certificates and you're already outside the country. You can definitely do it yourself online!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ayala Center Mall and Hotels

Today, I went to Glorietta. It's probably the most upscale mall in the country. Owned and operated by the Zobel family, it houses some of the most luxurious brand name outlets in the country. If you want to hang out and not be price conscious about the luxuries in life, then this mall is the place to be. From Lacoste to Armani, Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton, this place will keep you and your pocket pumped up and ready to spend. Whether you simply want a casual, late afternoon chit chat or a soothing romantic dinner, it's the IN place to be.

Located in Makati, it houses both the newly renovated Greenbelt and the still spunky Glorietta Mall. If you're a foreigner and would want to stay in Manila, I'd suggest you get a hotel very close to this mall. Ayala Center houses several five-star hotels within its vast complex, which includes - Shangri-la Makati (the most expensive hotel in the Philippine), Hotel Inter-Continental, New World Hotel and Hotel Nikko. If you're in a budget, and would want to still get close to Ayala Center, try looking for hotels along Pasay Road in Makati. I think these small hotels/inns are way cheaper than staying in the aforementioned hotels.

The reason i chose these hotels for foreigners and balikbayans is its relative proximity to the shopping center. You simply have to walk outside your hotel, and voila - you're in the mall! This is also one of the safest places to stay in Manila, so you need not worry about walking to and from your hotel at night. Though if you're in Manila, please do not be so complacent about personal stuff. Most of the people you will meet are courteous, but there will always be those who would try to take advantage especially of foreigners.

As for transportation, i would advise that you use the hotel taxi or Avis taxi as much as possible. Though this will definitely be more expensive. It is way safer, and these guys will be glad to help you navigate through the city, not to mention that they are quite honest.

If you need more information about Ayala Center, visit their website at

Friday, May 19, 2006

Planet Philippine

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Let's see - hmmm, I wanted to focus this site into showcasing the best of the Philippine. Gathering as much information as possible about everything that people will need if ever they want something about the Philippine. Whether it be information, service, news, lifestyle, business, sports, or leisure. Am hoping i can feed the information in a casual and no-nonsense manner.

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